Watchmaking School Cantonales Technikum in Biel Switzerland

Ryser Kentfield was founded by Urs Ryser. A native of Biel, Switzerland which is home to such illustrious Swiss watchmakers as Rolex, Cartier, Omega and Rado, he was surrounded by watches and clocks his whole life. At sixteen, he entered the Cantonales Technikum, a technical institute specialized in training watchmakers since the 18th century and considered to be the hub of the industry today. Mr Ryser was immersed in an intensive program that included the mathematics and physics of timekeeping, as well as the fabrication and decoration of timepieces. After many years of study at the institute he joined the Rado Watch Company where he further refined his abilities. Years later Urs Ryser set out on his own and formed Ryser Kentfield to pursue the business of developing, repairing, and designing timepieces. An artist at heart, his greatest passion remains the creation of watches. .SWISS MADE BY HAND

The past is the future of timepieces. An unhurried methodology and a heritage of hand crafted precision. This is great watchmaking.

RYSER KENTFIELD is state-of-the-ART